Shuichuan is a natural style of Qigong or energy work. This beautiful practice allows you to discover and maintain a state of Inner peace and balance that will ultimately benefit all aspects of your Life even in seemingly small, everyday tasks.

Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong is also known as Taoist Movement Meditation. We use the term 'Meditation' but there are no techniques involved in quietening the mind. Instead, your mind will naturally become quiet and clear as you continue to practise.

In Shuichuan you will learn to flow with the Da Qi, The Great Energy or Universal Life Force. This feeling of being connected with all of Life is present naturally when you were born and is brought into your awareness again when you first begin. You will also learn and experience many ways in which you can use this immeasurable gift.

Over time, your Free Exercise (Zi Fa Gong) will develop with you into your own unique Exercise form similar to T'ai Ji Chuan. The peaceful feeling you experience as you practise can also be achieved without effort as you sit in Qigong (Da Zuo).

From the healing perspective, Qigong is considered to be the Inner Alchemy of the Traditional Chinese Medicine healing arts. It can help many conditions not easily treated by Western medicine while at the same time promoting Inner Growth.

As the sun rises each morning and sets each evening in the natural rhythm of life, you can choose to make the changes necessary for life to be more healthy, balanced and harmonious and at the same time, more meaningful.

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