The Purpose of Shuichuan

Shuichuan offers the possibility of being able to truly live Life in a peaceful and balanced state that arises from your own Being or Inner Awareness.

In order to find this valuable quality, you need only let go and flow with the energy emanating from the Da Qi or Universal Life Force. The Taoist tradition provides a beautiful basis for this as the practice of Qigong arose from man's relationship with the natural world.

The Chinese term for Being is Wu Wei and this translates as 'not doing'. Wu Wei can also be likened to a state of Grace and Shuichuan will give you the experience you need to understand what this means.

You can learn about Being through the lives and work of Lao Tse, Chuang Tse and St Francis of Assisi, for example. The "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tse is an especially beautiful and timeless account of his own experience of living Life in Wu Wei and is a book which can best be understood from reading it in the Qigong state. When you experience Being, you will realise that it is normal, healthy and balanced, bringing harmony into every aspect of your Life.


The Mystery of Life

The true reality of life is quite beyond our human understanding. Life is not logical, but has a flow to it and Shuichuan helps you to adjust to this natural flow. Shuichuan will not enable you to live without the ups and downs of life, but will help you to balance your energy. The purpose of Shuichuan practice is to achieve an increased consciousness of Wu Wei, being in a state of constant Prayer. Once this is learned, the purpose and meaning of your life becomes much clearer and the ups and downs will not affect your Inner balance at all.

Zi Ran Qigong is a miracle and must not be confused with the teaching systems which are also called Qigong. The movements you receive in your Shuichuan Exercise are different from everyone else's - they are tailor-made for you and move the energy within as you need it for balance. You do not move from your mind but the Da Qi (The Great Chi or Mystery), moves you.

For the natural world this beautiful energy works by itself. The salmon knows how and when to return to its original river - it gets there without a compass - and the birds instinctively know how to build their individual nests. Their lives progress seemingly without effort.

In our modern society, all you need to do is let go and be natural. Follow your connection to the Da Qi through your Shuichuan practice and the feelings that come from it and don't try to seek an explanation, for this is beyond the human mind and understanding.

John Freear (1942-2003), Founder of Shuichuan

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