The Practice of Zi Ran (natural) Qigong

The ability to flow with the energy of the Universal Life Force that exists within and around all things is as old as time itself and is natural to us all. Each person's individual experience of Zi Fa Gong, the Free Exercise, will demonstrate this Truth as it did to Lao Tse in ancient China. It is more than simply for health, it is a skill for all of Life which blossoms as you continue to use it.

Shuichuan became available in 1989 through John Freear, an Englishman living in New Zealand. John had earlier taught martial arts internationally and this included Karate, women's self defence and T'ai Ji Chuan. He trained with teachers from Japan, China and Indonesia and from the richness and depth of this broad experience blossomed the Inner Awareness that inspired Shuichuan, a beautiful life skill and healing art.

Some Questions Answered

What is Qigong?
We live in a field of Qi or life energy, but like a fish in water or a bird in flight, we are unaware of the medium that supports us. Qigong means "working with Qi" - it is the ancient Chinese art and natural science of becoming aware of this life energy, of learning how to flow with it and use it. Qigong is both a Spiritual practice and a practical skill for use in everyday life.

How is Shuichuan different from other forms of Qigong?
The Zi Ran Qigong Exercise of Shuichuan is a spontaneous action caused by the Da Qi. This Taoist form is totally natural as the movements of each individual's Exercise arise from their own Yuan Qi (Original Energy) through a direct connection to the Da Qi. Other styles more widely known in the West are based on a system of set exercises which developed much later from the ancient natural forms.

What does "Shuichuan" mean?
Shuichuan (pronounced Shoo-ee-chew-an) means "Sleeping River". The name "Sleeping River" when expressed in the Chinese language evokes some very beautiful images - a peaceful river with the slow trickle of water. The current is always hidden, and this is true within ourselves.

What is the philosophy behind Shuichuan?
Shuichuan is based on an ancient Taoist Exercise called Zi Fa Gong (Free Exercise or Movement Meditation) and this Exercise is practised by many thousands of Chinese on a daily basis. Zi Fa Gong is the origin of Taoism, of present-day Acupuncture and T'ai Ji Chuan. It is also related to Chinese arts like Calligraphy and Feng Shui among many others. If you practise Zi Fa Gong - the Shuichuan Exercise - you will have the experience that leads to your own Inner understanding of Tao.

What is the difference between Shuichuan and Meditation?
These both move in the direction of Enlightenment, but from the point of view of Meditation, Zi Ran Qigong appears to be back-to-front. In Shuichuan, the first action of Chu Xing or Awakening results in what is called Enlightenment, but this naturally occurs without effort, like the simple act of taking a lighted candle into a dark room.

In Zi Ran Qigong, this energy, once stimulated, is gradually drawn towards the coarser levels within each person and caringly adjusted until the Enlightened state is reached permanently, but with understanding.

What can Shuichuan do for my serious health problems?
The healing benefits of Shuichuan largely depend upon the patient's belief, sincerity and ability to practise the Exercise regularly. The energy training exercises you learn in Shuichuan complement your Free Exercise and all promote health and Inner balance.

In severe illnesses, Qigong can work with Western medical treatment rather than against it - Western medicine provides an outer treatment whereas Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong treats on an Inner level which goes to the source, affecting the patient's energy and mind. There is no reason why the two should not work together.

What is the difference between Shuichuan healing and what is known as Medical Qigong?
The set exercises known as Medical Qigong are designed to move energy in a particular way.

In Shuichuan, your own connection to the Da Qi will cause your energy to move you in a way that is unique to you so that you are always receiving exactly what you need for your health on every level.

In addition to the healing benefits of natural Qigong, training in the Traditional Chinese Medicine healing art of Wai Qi or External Energy is given. This valuable aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine is used in the treatment of a variety of complaints and diseases and is shown being used in the Chinese hospital setting in the documentary by Bill Moyers called "Healing and the Mind - The Mystery of Qi".

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